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Canada doesn't have ranch dressing

A blog on location scouting

5 minute read.

For the last 6 months I have been on over 50 zoom calls and sent probably over 100 emails. Finally booking my flight to Canada was a huge reward. It's like hiking for several months to have a big dinner, full of all of your favorites at the end of the trip. I was full of excitement.

The company I work with is call Branch Out Productions. Black, women owned entertainment company creating dynamic movies one at a time. Working in a heavy male run industry, finding Branch Out has been a breath of fresh air. My first time working with them was on a energetic feature as a Personal Assistant called Block Party. You can find the details here. Fast forward and I am a Associate Producer.

Here are my thoughts on our location scout

Having a great team with a plan is so important! Our locations team picked us up from the hotel and quickly drove us around town and showed us how easily we would be able to get to one location to the next. They planned a full day of sites for us to see. Once on the location and physically being in the space made me feel like, "wow, we are really making a movie." The script instantly came alive and I started to feel the energy of the team as they realized it too.

Being able to go on a work trip with no stress or major challenges was and experience I don't often get. Working with a group of problem solvers and chill individuals I felt no stress at all. I was able to live in each moment and help make sure our team also had a great experience. I wanted this trip to be different. I wanted to focus on my mental health, have no anxiety, stretch on my yoga matt, so I did just that. This "work trip" was filled with a lot of play that made work seem easy.

I never felt like an outsider. I sometimes feel like my age sets me back from having a seat at the big kids table. On this trip I was able to share my opinions and be listened to. I never felt like I was useless or not important to the team. I loved being able to ask "silly" questions and really learn about my team over a meal. I kept telling myself that I have value here and it showed.

This Locations scout went smooth as can be. We were able to not only see the locations we wanted but interview crew and get a feel for the Canadian film industry. Even though Canada lacks ranch dressing I am truly excited to call Canada home for a few months to start and finish our movie here.

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