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Are Add ons worth the investment?

Updated: Apr 5

Add ons are just what it sounds like, additional features added to your wedding package. I will be real with you, some add ons are not worth it. So let's talk about the ones that are.

Video service add on

Video is another great way to capture memories from your wedding. Camera footage can really bring out the emotion in the room and having audio clips can be a value. If you have personal vows you want to remember, toast or your grandma telling you how beautiful you look on your wedding day, add the video package!

Boudoir Photos

If you want to feel powerful and sexy this is a great feature to add on to your wedding package. Boudoir photos are a great gift and something I think everyone should try once.

Prints and photo Album

This is a great way to have your images printed out digitally or have a beautiful easy to use online site just for you. This add on will save you time so you can enjoy being a newlywed.

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